Study Abroad, Pay Less: How to Save On Travel

Saving money while studying abroad isn’t that hard: you just have to know where to find the best discounts on flights, hotels and leisure activities for your weekend and school break trips.

Seeing his schoolmates traveling all the time, Daniel, an international student, had to figure out where to find the best options to enjoy his free time without having to worry about money. Want to know how to save money while doing a course abroad, according to Daniel? Find out below!



Wherever You Want, You Can Get There

by Daniel Michel, International Student


Studying Abroad is one of your best decisions you can make in life. As you travel, you discover new places and interact with new cultures, especially if you choose to live in another country for several months.

For a college student, studying abroad is almost a trend these days. More young students are searching for new challenges and are choosing Adventure.

Many friends have studied abroad and continue moving across cities. By talking to them I have learned about life in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, UK, New Zealand and China.

But, how is it possible to pay for these trips? There is a highly recommended website, StudentUniverse. Here, I’ve read effective tips to save money as a student and have gotten unbelievable deals on flights, hotels and tours.

You can also use StudentUniverse to find rail passes that connect you through Europe, travel groups for backpackers exploring Latin America and hostel offers allowing globetrotters to save money on lodge expenses.

Many museums, bookstores and airlines have chosen to have student rates available. Why? Well, we are already paying a lot in education, and we deserve to discover the world at a lower price.

Bottom line - as students, we definitely cannot let opportunities escape us.

Imagine yourself studying the next semester in Madrid and visiting a different city every weekend. On a Saturday you travel to Barcelona. The next week you take a train to Paris and continue your way through the English Channel to end up shopping in London.

Money is no longer an excuse. The discounts are available, where do you want to go?

Source: StudentUniverse