Live tutoring via chat and video: meet HelpHub

Do you want to learn English online and have a live tutor always available to help you? HelpHub is the online tutoring site where you can practice your English skills and learn about different subjects in this language: the best preparation to study a course abroad with no troubles.

What is HelpHub?

HelpHub is an online tutoring marketplace that connects tutors with students at anytime, anywhere, over interactive messaging and communication features, which include video conferencing, file sharing, and whiteboarding.

HelpHub Homepage

Students can start chat conversations with online tutors for free, and can decide to pay them for their help through tip payments via chat, or pay the tutor’s rate on a video call, which automatically charges the student on a minute basis. Students can get help and talk to tutors starting at as low as 17 cents per minute.


What are the advantages?

Thousands of North American students currently use the service to get help with academic subjects like math, sciences, and others, from tutors across the globe. However, HelpHub can also be a great tool for international students that want to learn or practice their English skills with professional ESL tutors who are native English speakers, located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Beyond ESL training or tutoring, students can also study any subject or course in English, which can be handy for students planning to study abroad. You can learn more about tutors from their profiles, including where they go or went to school, all the subjects they tutor, the languages they are fluent in, and other details.


How does it really work?

Students or parents can sign up free on the site, and get to know tutors at no cost. Once they find the right tutor and to be able to get tutoring help, students or parents can reload their account balance with an online credit card payment. Users can choose to reload $10, $20, $50, or $100 at a time, from which all tip payments and tutoring calls are charged. 


Get inspired!

HelpHub’s idea came from a young Venezuelan student in Canada, Miguel Kudry, who arrived in the country to study English and ended up staying for a Business Administration course. At 21, Miguel raised $250,000 in a recent financing round and now he is seeing his company featured on a number of important online and offline publications, including The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine, The Huffington Post, Education Week, and others.

This is just one of the perks of studying abroad…who knows if you’ll be the author of “the next big idea”?