Perth: Quietly One of the Best Study Destinations

There are a variety of reasons students consider particular places to live. The culture, the language, the history, the weather. It really is a true joy to discover a place that has all these things- the perfect place to study! Even better is to discover a place such as this that is all your own, that isn’t as obvious as somewhere like Paris, New York or Sydney.

Well we’re here to give you some hints about a perfect study destination that perhaps you haven’t yet considered. But we are sure you will love it all the same: Perth!

Where is Perth?

Perth is, of course, in sunny Australia. It is the capital of Western Australia, the largest state in the country, and as such, resides on its west coast. It was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, on the Swan River, with the port and central business district located on its banks.

It is named after a city in Scotland, which is suggestive of the early influence the British Isles had on Perth’s identity. However, since then, it has become the fourth most populous city in Australia, with an estimated population of around 2 million, with a variety of cultures, ideas and people feeding into the city’s modern identity.


Perth has some of the world’s best beaches, food, wine and weather. The people in Perth, as they are throughout Australia, are some of the friendliest you can find anywhere.

A word commonly used by its residents to describe the city is: relaxed. There’s barely any crime, the food and wine is good and you are rarely rushed off your feet. It’s about as close as you can get to living in a stress-free city as you can imagine.

A common activity for friends is just to throw a BBQ together, drink some beers and enjoy the company- with the people and the environment being such a delight, there’s little reason to spend too much money on entertainment.

However, if you are a nightlife person then no need to fret! Over the past few years, Perth’s nightlife has begun to buzz, with plenty of wine bars and cool, niche places popping up all over the city.

Perth is extremely clean (there’s hardly any litter) but of particular note is the air. They have an amazing south westerly breeze nicknamed the “Fremantle Doctor” that flows through the city each day. Along with a handy knack for cooling Perth down during the summer, the wind brings fresh air off of the Indian Ocean, blowing air pollution away.

Steadily, people are realising the joy of living in Perth: it came 7th in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s August 2016 list of the world’s most liveable cities. It’s currently in a sweet spot when it comes to big cities as it’s not too crowded but not too empty either. In short, it’s the perfect place to study.

Top Sights in Perth

·         Kings Park & Botanic Garden

One of the biggest city parks in the world, Kings Park has gorgeous views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Scarp mountain range, as you walk through bushland trails, are enchanted by immaculate gardens and stop at any one of the many cafes in the area.

At the heart of the park is the 17-hectare Botanic Garden, containing over 2000 plant species indigenous to Western Australia. It is also home to the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, a 620m path which includes a 222m-long glass and steel bridge that passes through a canopy of eucalyptus trees. A truly unique Australian sight to behold.

·         Art Gallery of Western Australia

Founded in 1895, this excellent gallery holds post-WWII works from some of the most esteemed Australian artists of the past century. It has also recently been home to exhibitions from artists such as Rodin, Monet, Ernst and other essential collections.

·         Cottesloe Beach

One of the best and safest beaches in Australia, if not the world, for swimming, Cottesloe is also home to cafes, pubs, pine trees and phenomenal sunsets. Cottesloe is the tip of iceberg: Perth in general has some of the nicest beaches in the world and most are just a short bus or train ride away.

Perth’s Culture

Perth is the hub of the region for music, fashion, theatre, film and art. Every year, a wide variety of arts festivals, exhibitions and shows are put on. There is also an exceptional amount of sport available in Perth, including soccer, basketball, rugby, cricket, ice hockey and Australian rules.

Perth has a strong local music scene, and the development of local music groups such as John Butler Trio, Pendulum and Tame Impala as well as AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott has led to the city being a strong contender for having one of the best musical cultures in the world.

Indeed, the strength of the city’s artistic vision has led to musicians as varied as Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden, Kylie Minogue and Ed Sheeran to perform there recently.

Perth has also been home to a variety of famous actors, including Heath Ledger, Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman.

What’s Stopping You?

This is all, of course, just the start of how wonderful life in Perth can be. If this has piqued your interest, make sure to see if any courses or schools there may be of interest to you. Make your first stop to a wonderful new life abroad at