Hungarian higher education has a long history and tradition. The first university in Hungary was founded in 1367 in Pécs, located in the southern region of Hungary. Today there are 71 higher education institutions in Hungary ranging from top research universities to minor colleges.

Why are Hungarian institutions the best choices for students interested in both high quality education and adventure?


1.    The best twin: Old tradition and great research institutes

Hungarian higher education has had a long history and tradition since the year of 1367, when the first university was founded in Pécs. There are also universities of National excellence, many research universities, research institutes and faculties in Hungary awarded by the Hungarian government on the strength of their international activities and high level education.


Photo above: University of Pécs

Opening photo: Corvinus University of Budapest

2.    High quality education in many fields

Due to a colourful Hungarian higher education, students can easily find their interests from the wide variety of study fields – from humanities to medical education, from art and music to natural sciences. Great inventors, artists and Nobel Laureates prove the high quality education of Hungary.

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3.    Bridge to Europe

Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, from where other European countries are easy to reach. If you come to study in Hungary for a full programme, you can apply for Erasmus or Campus Hungary scholarships, and spend another semester in a European country.


+ Great adventure, beautiful UniverCities

According to a survey foreign students had mostly positive opinions about Hungary and the Hungarian higher education:

  • 99% of them would come back to study in Hungary
  • 63% of the students chose Hungary because it belongs to cheaper countries with high quality education
  • 74% of them were satisfied with the international offices of higher education institutes, and experienced helpfulness


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Source: Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary