Studying abroad will benefit your CV, they say

Studying abroad experience on a resume is impressive and it may influence your professional career, besides being a lifetime adventure. Are you looking for a good reason to convince your parents? These travel and business experts will give you a hand.

Besides being an excellent opportunity to improve one or more languages, studying in a foreign country can bring other features and benefits to your CV.

Talking to the American website Main Street, several experts in areas such as Business, Public Relations and Human Resources, explained that, when they’re looking at a resume, they feel more attracted to people who studied a different language combined with a real local experience, practicing the language from its origin. You develop your communication skills by interacting with people with different cultural values ​​and practices and demonstrate more comfortable in different kinds of environments.

Interviews? Easy task!

When we say "demonstrate", we are not only talking about paper. That's right: the moment of your interview – the most feared by many – is the one in which your communication skills have to be perfectly highlighted. Don’t know how to start? Break the ice telling about your travel adventures and cultural experiences, showing that you’ve been in contact with different realities and can speak from experience. The experts say that this provides a good first impression of the candidate and establish credibility when discussing international affairs.

Leaving home to study outside your country helps you proving that you’re easily adaptable to different environments, something that companies value when they need to hire someone to handle with different client’s needs and expectations, especially with the international ones.

One of them gives this example: "What do you do if your vehicle is broken down and you are 200 miles from anywhere or anyone?". This is the kind of experience where you learn how to face adverse situations and helps you build up your attitude. Instead of standing still, without reaction, you'll get used to outline objectives for each challenge arising- what is difficult becomes easy.

Adventurous and organized? It is possible!

If your study matter involves creativity and curiosity, employers will value your natural propensity to learn more and meet new places. This means that you’re able, once again, to take the risks and leave your comfort zone to discover new worlds. Also, remember the skills you acquire from planning a trip: not everyone has that sense of direction and organization that could be the crucial key to choose someone for a responsibility and leadership role.

Show your future employers that you have more to offer than other candidates because most of your educational experience was done abroad. Even the experts suggest a different section for your resume, called "Multi-Cultural Experiences" or "International Experiences". Don’t be shy!



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