Study Abroad Life Experience

Thinking of studying program abroad but not sure yet if it’s worth it?

Here is the stimulus that will make you decide in 2 seconds. It is a life-changing experience and most rewarding!

Just like you, dreaming about studying overseas, Alex, a Brazilian student living her educational adventure in London, makes this heartfelt message of encouragement, showing you how an exchange program abroad can be an unforgettable experience.

From student to student.

Rethinking life: The world can be yours

Life can be soft, tough and the way you guide it. There are also happenings that come suddenly, out of nothing. However, something I can ensure you is that you always can pursue your dreams. I should say goals, if you work hard to make them true.

When we are young, there are so much to do, so many ways and journeys to go because the future is the house of our dreams, for those who have them. Challenge is the keyword, especially when we plan to live abroad. You can have fun, study or work, and all together.

Programa intercâmbio Reino Unido

Once you leave the comfort zone, of being living with your parents and having almost everything at hands, you face the world and it slaps you back. You start to learn… a lot! Life can teach you much more than any school, university or self-help book. You start to deal with yourself, your emotions, fears, beliefs, thoughts. You grow up!

Nothing better to test yourself than studying abroad. You will make friends from all over the world, enhance your skills and also, if you have the opportunity to work, will make some money. Nevertheless, as I told you, life can be soft and tough at the same time. It depends mostly on you. Live it without being afraid of the storms. But always be prepared for when it comes.

The main barrier of living in a different country is, definitely, the language. But don’t be in panic. It’s gonna take some time, but little by little, your brain will work it out. When you start to have dreams in a different language than yours it’s a sign that you are immersed. And if you’re having classes, you will improve the grammar and writing skills too. Take notes of keywords you will need to communicate often. Once you memorize them, make another list.

Intercâmbio em Londres

Something you have to deal with as well is the weather. It might be colder or hotter than what you are used to. So, once again, you will have to be patient with yourself and use proper clothes. Eating is another chapter of your journey. At least, try to taste the local food. If they eat something weird, you can do it. It is about culture. You can be surprised by delicious creepy dishes.

Therefore, don’t forget to keep in mind that you a experiencing something new, full of challenges that will make you stronger, wiser and prepared for many circumstances of life. Be open-minded, courageous and enjoy your adventure.

Alexandre Gondim, London