5 reasons to do an internship abroad

If study abroad is an experience that enhances your resume by itself, imagine what you would achieve by including an internship in your program: turning theory into practice. 

"Experience is the key" "Without practicing, you won’t get a job", "theory is not everything". How many times have you heard these expressions and thought about applying your academic knowledge as an intern? The good news is that there are several international institutions offering courses with integrated professional practice, taking advantage from partnerships with industry specialized local companies. Many exchange agencies are also providing study abroad packages with traineeship seasons included, developed in the same country.

So, enjoy your stay abroad and make sure you have a complete learning experience. Check below 5 reasons why a traineeship abroad will dictate your successful career.


1. Employability Prior Training is a huge advantage on your resume when you're competing for a job vacancy, even more if acquired abroad - it proves that you can take risks and that you´re able to work on different environments. If, on one hand, you expect to apply your academic knowledge in your first job, on the other hand, companies are looking for candidates who already have some experience. It's a snowball which can be avoided from the beginning of your career if you practice your skills while studying abroad.


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2. Self -test You can never be sure about your academic preparation until the moment you start practicing the concepts learned. Whether you’re in a laboratory, a conference room or an industrial complex, having the opportunity to study and work at the same time in a real environment - with the resources and constraints you’ll also find in the professional market - also allows you to self-classify your learning level. Believe us when we tell that this is going to be useful for both your academic and professional applications.


3. Contacts It’s not only with a steady position and a steady job that you can create a professional a contact network. Imagine the communication and interaction that, spontaneously, you’re going to have with your internships fellows and the company employees: show your value right here and start building your reputation in the industry. Who knows, one day, if they will be recommending you for a job position or another study program?


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4. Language Of course, if you are studying or doing a training program abroad, probably you already have a linguistic basis. Normally, international academic programs are taught in the language used in the training part. This means you will have the opportunity to apply foreign concepts in a professional environment, but also improve proficiency - practice is the best way to perfection.


5. New Perspectives If you're attending an academic program, probably you’ll have to return home after the internship. However, the company and the school providing the training will keep your registry and your data, and they can recruit you in the future, invite you to join a research project or sending your file to a branch in your country. So, impress them and give your best during the traineeship: this is not "just" practice, is the chance to open the doors for your future.



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