5 reasons to pack your bags and go to study in New Zealand

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It can take long hours (sometimes days) to get to New Zealand. But believe me when I say that the country has so many qualities and advantages that each minute spent on the trip will be worth it. Check out a list of the top 5 reasons that will make you want to pack up now and go to Oceania.

1. Cheaper than U.S.A, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

New Zealand is one of the most common destinations for those who wish to learn English and also the one that offers the most value for money for studying abroad. According to FAIRFX, a travel money company, investment for a course in New Zealand is 20% cheaper than it was two years ago. The survey placed the country on the top of the list of those who give value for a student's money.

The same company also made a ranking of the most expensive cities for students, based on average annual tuition fees and living costs. Among the top 10 are famous destinations such as: Australia (1st place), United States (4th), United Kingdom (5th) and Canada (7th).

2. Headquarters of some of the best institutions in the world

There are 8 universities in New Zealand and all are ranked in the QS University Rankings among the best institutions in the world. The country has also 25 polytechnics, institutes of technology and high-quality English courses; inspected and guaranteed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Almost all language schools are local, with small class sizes and structure preparing international students with the best of local culture as well as for learning English. So don’t be surprised with the amount of extracurricular activities that you may have.

3. Several natural landscapes in the same country

One of New Zealand's advantages is that you don’t need to spend many hours to get from one point to another. No matter where you are, a trip to the beach doesn’t take much more than one hour and there is no city more than 128km from the coastline. And we don’t need to mention the ease of visiting volcanoes, deserts, glaciers, forests, vineyards or fjords without having to leave the country.

Add the beautiful natural landscapes, the quality of education and the fact that New Zealand is known as the country of extreme sports, and you will understand why more and more young people choose the place as a destination for exchange.

4. One of the world's friendliest countries

Every year the American magazine 'Travel + Leisure' elect the friendliest countries in the world and in the last ranking, New Zealand was ranked as the 6th most friendly. Security and friendliness were some of the highlights that guaranteed the nation a place in the Top 10 ranking.

To reinforce the positive image of the country, the Better Life Index of OECD also highlights the score above average on issues such as: security, education, welfare, environmental quality, employment and income. 

5. You can work while studying

One of the biggest curiosities of students is about whether to work or not during their studies. The experience can enhance learning and also helps students to bear the costs of travel.

In New Zealand all students on a student visa are entitled to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week, and full-time during scheduled holidays. Students must be enrolled in full-time English language study lasting at least 14 consecutive weeks, recognized by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Remember that for periods of less than three months tourists don’t need visas, so they also can’t work. Check the country's visa rules here!

So, are you ready to depart?