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    Top 5 Things to Do in Perth

    If you study in Perth, you will undoubtedly be treated to an excellent education, a kind and generous people and some of the most wonderful weather that could possibly be imagined.
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    5 reasons to pack your bags and go to study in New Zealand

    You can take long hours (sometimes days) to get to New Zealand. But you can believe when I say the country has so many qualities and advantages that each minute spent on the trip will be worth it. Check out a list of the top 5 reasons that will make you want to pack up now and go to Oceania.
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    Whether you wish to study in the city or by the sea: New Zealand has the right place for you!

    Many people have reaped the rewards of a quality education at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) since it opened in 1975. As a government owned, Category One Institute of Education, EIT offers more than 130 programmes at masters, postgraduate, degree, diploma, and certificate level across an impressive range of subject areas. In 2014, EIT had more than 10,000 students, and welcomed over 400 international students from more than 40 countries.
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    Studying English in New Zealand: the real adventure

    We know that studying English abroad can broaden your horizons and expand your career opportunities, but you can also have fun whilst you learn. New Zealand is a great place for that - it packs a big punch and a whole river raft ride of experiences which will last you a lifetime.