Studying English in New Zealand: the real adventure

We know that studying English abroad can broaden your horizons and expand your career opportunities, but you can also have fun whilst you learn. New Zealand is a great place for that - it packs a big punch and a whole river raft ride of experiences which will last you a lifetime.

EIT, Eastern Institute of Technology, a school located in Hawke's Bay, in the sunny city of Napier, tells you why it’s worth doing an English language course in New Zealand.


Studying in English in New Zealand, you will…

  • most likely be in small classes with an average of 16 students, having a greater opportunity to practice your English and ask questions, as well as gathering more personal attention from your teachers;
  • be attending a school that follows a national code of ethics – the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students -, which all certified institutions in New Zealand are required to be signatories;
  • gain English skills and qualifications that are portable beyond NZ borders;
  • be able to work whilst you study: if you choose to study English at a Category One Provider for 14 weeks or more, you can benefit from the opportunity of being able to work part time for up to 20 hours a week during your studies;
  • live experiences that will stay with you always, enjoying the magnificent scenery and countryside, adventure sports, wildlife on the door stop of every city location, modern cities looking to the future;
  • discover geographic wonders, adventuring yourself at beaches, mountains, landscapes, hot springs and so much more;
  • make new kiwi friends - they’re said to be a friendly bunch of people!

 Visit the wineries in Hawkes Bay

And what type of programmes are available?

General English, English for Entry into academic study, English in preparation for taking an IELTS test, English for High School students or even English Plus programmes for groups of students who are looking to add a different dimension to their short course. Some examples include English Plus Wine Studies, English Plus Tourism and so on.


Finally, which style of learning and study will you find?

The classroom is a place where students are free to ask questions and to challenge themselves. You will study outside the classroom too.  At EIT, Eastern Institute of Technology, the motto is ‘live the language’. This means that the goal is to encourage students to participate actively in using and practising their English. How?  By organizing activities which include sports, bush walks and visits to businesses and activities in the local community and other parts of New Zealand. These activities are a great way to practise your speaking skills and help develop great friendships with other students around the world.   



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