A new destination to study in Australia: Darwin

A multicultural city in Northern Australia, where the urban spirit intersects with the country’s wild nature – this is one of the most prosperous and touristic cities in Australia. Would you like to have a study abroad experience among kangaroos and crocodiles and the city’s lifestyle? Darwin, it’s for you.

But, after all, what does this city have to offer to international students?

Charles Darwin University, ranked by the Times Higher Education, in 2013, as one of the best universities in the world, explains why this city is so attractive and fascinates all its visitors.



 Darwin is a vibrant, multi-cultural city, home to nearly 140,000 people hailing from close to 60 countries. With plenty of cultural, sporting, entertainment, accommodation and travel opportunities, Darwin also boasts one of the highest employment rates in Australia, making it ideal for students to find a job.

In fact, the Northern Territory is the fastest growing economy in Australia due to our rich natural and mineral resources, agriculture and tourism. There is a constant high demand for skilled and qualified workers in business, engineering, IT, tourism and hospitality, health, education, communications and the public services sector.

Cangurus no Território do Norte

Darwin offers a different life from other big cities – it is where Australia’s urban meets the Outback. And if you love nature, Darwin is an amazing place to live in. Home to one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, Kakadu National Park is a 20,000 sq. km. jungle, home to crocodiles, kangaroos, wallabies, parrots and snakes.

Darwin features a tropical climate, with a wet and dry season. Weather is normally very predictable, with temperatures averaging around 30C all year round.

Darwin can be an especially attractive proposition for students from South East Asia, as it is only a short flight back home, with affordable travel fares.

If you study in Darwin and pursue your career in the Northern Territory, know that Charles Darwin University offers its graduates a Skilled Graduate working Visa; if they are good employees, their employer may sponsor them for permanent residency. Graduates with good English language skills quickly find employment in their area of professional training.



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