University in London means a Professional Career Overseas! Find out how!

If you're searching for a place where you can enhance your professional profile while taking your Undergraduate or Postgraduate program, look no more: London is the right city for you! Amongst its diverse offerings, you'll find a University where you can study in a corporate environment and pratically apply the theory you're being taught.

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Your career starts at BPP University in the UK

BPP University is the professional university in the UK for career-focused students from Brazil - so we take this commitment to you very seriously.  We have strong connections with leading, global businesses and our aim is to help you with every aspect of establishing your career – from personal consultations, careers events, CV preparation, job searches, application forms and mock interviews. We even continue to support you for a full year after you have graduated.

When you study with a specific career in mind, imagine how valuable it would be to be taught by professionals in your sector – people who have direct experience of your chosen profession with business understanding that only comes with years of practice. At BPP University you will study for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a corporate workspace, keeping office hours, learning from time-served professionals.

Image 1 - Besides being an impressive multicultural metropolis, London is packed with career opportunities for international graduates.


Our focus is your personal development. We have mapped out the study route you need to achieve your qualification, gain experience in your sector and make good connections because we put you at the heart of a global network of business, accountancy, law, management, marketing and healthcare organisations.

Our support extends to those students whose first language is not English.  We offer a range of English language courses and pathway programmes to help you improve your English and gain the necessary study skills to prepare you for your degree course.

And as we understand how vital it is for you to graduate as a highly regarded professional in your chosen field, we offer work experience (subject to successful) interview with all of our MSc programmes. 

You will eventually leave BPP University with an excellent degree and as a confident, attractive employee.


Source: BPP University