Colombian comedy star on studying in the UK: "is like a holiday"

Studying in the UK is getting more and more popular and international students are coming from everywhere - even TV stars.

Suso "El Paspi" is a famous comedian in Colombia who has been learning English in Devon. Want to know his new English jokes? Better read the interview!


Dany HoyosDany Hoyos has 2.3m followers on Twitter, and he's been studying English for two months at English UK member centre, Devon School of English. If you are from Colombia, or maybe other countries in Southern America, you will probably have heard of Dany, who's a popular comedian with his own TV show, Suso.

We interviewed Dany during his last week in the UK.

Hello Dany. You are a really successful comedian. Why did you want to learn English?

Because English is important in the world. I am a comedian, actor and scriptwriter. I love to speak English and in the future maybe I might be going to write new sketches in English and a new comedy in English.

If you have a business you need to speak English. It's a good language, everybody speaks English. You need to speak English, you can find a lot of people speak English.

What made you choose to study English in the UK?

I came here because here is good. When I arrived here I didn't speak anything but now I understand, but when people speak too fast I don't understand. But when people speak slowly or clearly I understand... but not everything. My English is getting better now.

Everyday I improve my English here with more vocabulary.

I've got a British accent not an American one. I prefer speaking with a British accent.

Why did you choose the Devon School of English?

You go to Brighton or Bournemouth, there you find a lot of people speak Spanish. I need to improve my English. Only one person here speaks Spanish, everybody speaks English all the time - for lunch, for food.

Will you be writing jokes about the UK when you are back at work?

Yes, I will use jokes about the UK. Everybody from the UK speaks about the weather all of the time. Taxi driver, director, everybody speaks about the weather. 'How are you? The weather is good/raining again/is hot/is chilly/is cloudy.' There's nothing about business or food. Italian people speak about their food for example. Here people speak about weather - it's very funny. It's noisy all the time but you don't talk about seagulls.

I am going to write sketches about my experience here.

Oh, and toilets. Why do you have two doors on toilets?

Have you enjoyed yourself here?

Yes, here is like a holiday. I've enjoyed myself. My host family is the best. All the time they speak with me and it's a good experience. When I make a mistake, when I am wrong, it's good. People are very friendly and happy.

Devon School is good too. My English is not so wonderful or beautiful but I speak a lot of English and it will be better.

I was talking about this to my friend that he should go to England where there are good people and they're friendly and the Devon School of English is good. I recommend it. In Colombia I am very famous. Here is good for me. In a restaurant in Colombia everybody would look at me. Here is good, you can be private."


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