Studying in Italy with a scholarship: meet the Science without Borders programme

Would you like to do an exchange program in Italy through a scholarship program? Brazilian students and youth are now enjoying that opportunity with the Science without Borders program.

The program is focused on areas of strong interest for innovation, technology and industrial development (natural and life sciences, engineering, sustainable agriculture, ICT, creative industries) and will ensure the establishment of new links and projects besides international partnerships.

Italy is strongly supporting the program and shares its objectives of consolidating and expanding international scientific collaboration through exchanges and mobility and enhancing the fruitful interaction between academia, the business sector and civil society.


Thanks to the support and the Initiative of the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, in November 2011 Italian Institutions signed a partnership with the two Brazilian Government agencies CAPES and CNPq in order to start the Network for the exchange of students, scientists and scholars within the "Science without Borders" program.

The network includes, at the moment, 25 Universities selected by the Brazilian Government, among the most qualified Institutions within the research areas of interest for the program, the National Research Council (CNR), BIOGEM Institute, the National Nuclear Physics Institute INFN, ENEA (Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development), Sistema Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Research Centers of Telecom Italia.



The University of Bologna hosts the technical secretariat of the Network.

The Fondazione Alma Mater (FAM) of the University of Bologna works with the network of the programme CSF-Italia for the development of internship opportunities in Italian enterprises that have commercial business in Brasil. In the last edition, 2013-2014, more than 130 enterprises had proposed about 400 internships.

For further information you can send a message to: [email protected].


Source: CsF - Team Italy, University of Bologna