Discover Why Students are Choosing Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar encapsulates so much of what appeals about Gibraltar as a whole: warm, inviting and focused on building a strong and welcoming community. Find out why so many international students are choosing Gibraltar!

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A Brief Introduction to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the south coast of the Iberian Peninsula and shares a border with Spain. With lots of coastline and sandy beaches, as well as Morocco just across the Strait of Gibraltar, Gibraltar is typically warm and breezy.

Gibraltar’s most recognised feature is the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m high rock that is covered by a nature reserve and home to hundreds of Barbary macaques, as well as a network of tunnels within.

The official language of Gibraltar is English, though Spanish is also commonly spoken, and residents follow the British education curriculum. The University of Gibraltar (UniGib) follows UK-aligned course standards and is therefore respected the world over by employers.

Gibraltar has a multifaith, multicultural community which offers a warm welcome for all students. Gibraltar’s vibrant economy and unique location at a cultural and historical crossroads makes it the perfect place to develop connections, gain meaningful experience and enjoy a unique setting for a study experience.

Why the University of Gibraltar?

If there is a single word that can encapsulate the University of Gibraltar more than any other, it’s community.

Gibraltar as a whole is only around two and a half square miles in size, with a population of around 35,000. What makes Gibraltar such a wonderful place is the spirit of the people and the close community that has developed there.

The University of Gibraltar took these ideals on board during its development, and while the University may be a little smaller than some others in Europe, its size enables students a more personal approach and learning experience that is second to none.

And like any good community, the University of Gibraltar wants to take care of you, no matter where you go or what you do once it comes time to graduate.


Employability and professional development are at the core of what the University does. All programmes are designed to offer a rich experience that develops students to be ready for the workplace, while building relationships with industries on both a local and international level.

The majority of UniGib’s tutors and lecturers are practicing industry professionals, which helps translate their approach and benefits students. Work placements run throughout undergraduate courses meaning you will get the skills and experience necessary to gain employment when you graduate.

You can also benefit from Gibraltar’s vibrant ecosystem of international businesses. Some of the world’s top employers operate from Gibraltar, meaning you’ll never be short of networking opportunities.

What’s more is that the Europa Point Campus is located at Gibraltar’s southernmost point and features cutting-edge facilities designed to enhance and enrich your learning experience. Originally a Victorian armoury, Europa Point blends historical and modern architecture with the latest technology to create the perfect learning space. 

Courses and Education Style

The courses the University of Gibraltar offers are perhaps not as numerous as other European universities, but as a consequence, they are far more focused and personal. The University of Gibraltar offers the following course types: Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Research PhDs, Professional Courses and Short Courses.

The University of Gibraltar’s research department covers broad Gibraltar and Mediterranean related themes. The Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies and the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences are vital to the broader research community, for example.

Students benefit from small class sizes and close relationships with tutors, which places emphasis on the student and makes studying effective as it can be. Students also get the chance to experience placements during each year of study, so that what is learned in theory can be put into practice.

Life in Gibraltar

Moving to and studying in a different country is exciting, yet challenging. Part of this is cultural difference, as well as a different approach to education. Overcoming these challenges is part of what makes studying abroad so special.

Most students in their first year live on campus in student accommodation at the Europa Suites. As an international student, you will have priority. If you prefer not to stay in student accommodation, you will be assisted in finding a place to live.

But while being a student is most importantly about studying, it’s also about having fun, building friendships and taking part in new experiences. Gibraltar is surrounded by the sea and has lots of sports and activities that you can take part in. 

Gibraltar has it all, whether you’re into adventure, history, sport, nature, live music, nightlife or simply enjoying a day at the beach. Its diverse welcoming community makes it a truly unique place to live and explore. And of course, major European cities are only a short journey away - it’s common for students to spend a weekend or their week’s break away in London, Paris, Milan or any number of places in Europe!


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