Fancy an English Language course in L.A.? Here's your chance


Are you planning on going to College but need to improve your English skills first? Check out what this Language School in Los Angeles has to help you reaching your dream of studying abroad.


Learn English. Make friends. Enjoy Los Angeles. Dreams come true.

At Language Systems, we believe in rapid learning through daily practice with native speakers! Our programs are carefully designed to meet your expectations!

To help you be successful in the current competitive market, we will ensure that you build your confidence when speaking English! Our only goal is... you! We want you to be happy, make new friends and feel like you're at home.

Whether you want to be close to the beach or in the city, we have a location for you! Here are our four locations:


• Downtown Los Angeles is close to main tourist attractions such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Griffith Observatory

• Northeast Los Angeles is close to Pasadena, a beautiful historic area with lots of shops and restaurants

• Orange County is close the Angels Stadium, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm

• South Bay Los Angeles is minutes away from Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and beautiful Palos Verdes


You will also make the most out of your time in the US with our fun annual events and school-sponsored activities, where you will practice your English surrounded by people from all over the world!

You will:

1. Improve your pronounciation

2. Learn and use new idioms

3. Participate in daily Role Play Practice and use new vocabulary

4. Polish your Writing and Speaking skills by using grammar correctly

5. Get better at understanding academic texts as well as native speakers

6. Get used to different accents, since classes are taught by three different teachers

7. Learn to fluently communicate in a variety of settings

8. Learn to speak in public and develop your leadership skills



- A date when you want to start

- The location where you want to study at

- The schedule that is most convenient for you

- The program more suitable for your goals


Let us know if you need housing accommodation, we can help you get the best option for you.

Enjoy your experience at Language Systems from day one. Enroll today!


Source: Language Systems