How is it to study in Sydney in 8 questions

Hello adventurers wanting to study in Sydney: include this advice on your guide for a perfect study abroad experience. From surf breaks only 5 minutes from school to scholarships in Australia, educational specialists unveil all the advantages of studying in Sydney.

Balancing management and practical training, ICMS - International College of Management is an important business school located in Manly, one of Sydney’s most popular beach suburbs. Check out our talk to the school representatives and inspire yourself to live, study and work in Australia!

Viva Mundo: Let’s imagine that I’m a student deciding about doing a course in Sydney with ICMS. Can you name some of the benefits I will get to help me make up my mind?

ICMS: First, you will work within your industry for up to 9 months giving you a distinct edge over other graduates. This training is included in your degree program at ICMS. Another advantage is our amazing location in a heritage listed building overlooking beautiful Manly Beach & Sydney Harbour. Besides that, ICMS has smaller class sizes than other Universities so it is easier to make friends and talk to your teachers.


VM: How can I be sure I’ll enhance my personal and professional profile while studying there?

ICMS: The Industry training program at ICMS is amongst the most comprehensive programs of its kind in Australia. Employers are continually seeking our students out for employment. You will work in a role where you can apply the theoretical knowledge learnt at school in a real world setting, develop your professional contacts, network with industry partners at our career open days, develop interview skills and take the opportunity to earn an income whist studying.


VM: What about scholarships and other funding options for international students?

ICMS: We recognise students with passion and potential (...) producing career ready graduates. The ICMS Professional Scholarships program builds on this approach with a unique range of scholarships linking high performing current and potential students with corporate industry partners.


VM: Am I allowed to work while studying at ICMS?

ICMS: Yes, on your student visa you are eligible to work part time up to 40 hours per fortnight. When you work at your industry placement you are eligible to work full time as it is an included part of your program.


VM: Which attractions and recreational activities will I enjoy in Sydney? 

ICMS: Something you can't miss is surfing! The school is located only a 5 minute walk to one of Sydney's most popular beaches, Manly Beach. We also organize many trips to the wine region, snow skiing, Blue Mountains treks, sky diving, scuba diving, and many many more...


VM: Then, I believe that everyone goes to the beach for surf after class...

ICMS: Exactly; it is definitely a great option to go surfing on your lunch break or after you finish class for the day. We also have a beautiful marine park called Shelly Beach within a 5 minute walk where you can go snorkelling or scuba diving or enjoy a BBQ lunch on the beach. Manly is truly an amazing place to live.


VM: And in campus, which activities do you have to complement my studies?

ICMS: We are known for our vibrant social community, regarding that 40% of our students are international, coming from more than 40 different countries. We also have student clubs, a student run bar with DJ booth, football team, futsal team, tennis courts. ICMS also offers an amazing orientation program up on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to get you ready for your new life in Australia.

VM: After all that, I imagine that I won't have much time to travel in and outside the city...

ICMS: Of course you will have time to travel whilst you’re doing your course. Most ICMS classes are run from Monday to Thursday, so this will give you a long weekend to go on short trips. Also the city of Sydney is only a 15 minute fast ferry ride away so doing day trips couldn’t be easier!