Latin Americans studying English in the US - successful stories

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Carolina and Orianna: two Colombian students who knew where to find the best language school in the United States to reach their academic and professional goals. Curious to find out where they chose to study?

Check out the testimonials about these two inspirational study abroad experiences in the US with ELS.


Teaching English and Success for Over 50 Years

Students from around the world continue to choose ELS to achieve their language learning goals. Even after over 50 years, ELS continues to lead by example, taking pride in the way we teach our students. The ELS' personalized approach and commitment to student success has made the student experience at one of our many centers in the United States and around the world the experience of a lifetime. At the center of ELS' success is the teachers who work diligently to provide students with the most comprehensive language instruction.

Orianna of Venezuela had a wonderful experience with ELS staff at ELS New Haven, Connecticut.

Image 1: The beautiful green, grassy gardens of New Haven, Connecticut.

“In ELS I found friends from all over the world with great personalities and a diversity of culture, but I also had the pleasure of meeting amazing teachers, and the entire staff of ELS who I personally admire. Furthermore, living in homestay I found a second family away from home who make my everyday experience remarkable.

It is just unbelievable how the ELS program is so effective. I started at level 102 just saying and understanding a few words and right now I’m almost finishing level 112 and my English is much better. My goal right now is to be accepted in an American university to study International Business. Thanks to ELS I will continue making my dreams come true”.

All ELS teachers are professional educators with experience in English language instruction, the majority of which hold Master's degrees. ELS teachers engage in professional growth opportunities throughout the year, including monthly professional development workshops. ELS is known for the dedication, skills, and length of service of our teachers and many of our instructors have taught at ELS for 15 years or more.
Carolina, a student from Colombia also had a fantastic experience with the ELS staff while studying English with ELS in Atlanta, Georgia.

Image 2: The bright, shiny lights of Atlanta, Georgia.

“When I arrived at ELS Atlanta, the first thing that I noticed was the quality in all the things around me. The administrative employees and the professors want the best for you and they show interest in your learning. Also, you can know people from other parts of the world and learn about their culture. This is an amazing experience and I am happy to be here.”

Source: ELS USA