Study in Hungary: the education of Europe’s cultural core

Hungarian higher education has represented academic excellence for more than 600 years, today there are 71 higher education institutions nationwide. Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, where you can find both the Eastern and Western-European history and tradition. Though offering the same quality of services, the cost of living is generally lower in Hungary than in most European countries.


Interesting facts about Hungary:

  • Higher Education since 1367
  • 71 higher education institutions offering academic programme in more than 60 scientific fields
  • 350.000 students, including 20.000 foreign students
  • More than 30 Hungarian higher education institutions offer 315 academic programs in a foreign language
  • 99% of the foreign students would come back to Hungary
  • 4000 institutional relations


The country of science and art

Hungary is the country of great number of Nobel Laureates, world famous inventors and artists such as Szent-Györgyi Albert (Vitamin C), Gábor Dénes (Holography), Bíró László (ballpoint pen), Neumann János (‘Father of the Computer’), Rubik Ernő (Rubik’s cube), Bartók Béla (musician and composer), Kodály Zoltán (composer and creator of a special music-teaching technique known as the Kodály-method).

Rich cultural life awaits for you in every town, Hungary offers a wide selection of theatres, museums, cinemas and cultural centres.



Hungary is the land of unspoiled nature, there are ten national parks in the country, and today Hungary has eight locations on the World Heritage List.


Wonderful Spas and Baths

Thermal baths in Budapest

Many thermal spas and baths are awaiting for you in the country, where you can experience the fantastic healing effects of the Hungarian thermal water.


Ready to Come to Hungary?

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 Source: Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary