Nottingham: Study in the UK's enchanting surroundings

2 hours away from London, the city of Robin Hood’s legend is a great destination for those who want to study in England with all the advantages of the British educational standards at a more affordable cost.

Central College Nottingham, the city’s prestigious English foundational school, points out the reasons why Nottingham is one of the best places in the UK to have your study abroad experience.


Nottingham is located centrally in the East Midlands, the Heart of the UK, where…

  • living costs are about 50% cheaper than London;
  • London is about 2 hours away, for about £20 return...
  • …as are many other destinations (e.g. Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester)…
  • …and the Peak District!


Nottingham has a rich history…

  • …it is famous for the legend of Robin Hood and his Merry Men;
  • it lies over a sandstone cave network made by the city’s historical inhabitants.


Nottingham is excellent for shopping and culture…

  • …it offers a great shopping experience with brand names, cafes, restaurants with international cuisine, theatres, museums, galleries and churches to see;
  • it has events all year, e.g. Dot-to-Dot, the Riverside Festival, the Goose Fair, and more;
  • it has a vibrant music scene with new bands and artists, e.g. Jake Bugg.


…and even better for sports…

  • In 2015 the Nottingham Tennis Centre will host the ATP World Tour, bringing the world’s top 50 tennis players to our city!
  • Our Premier League football team, Nottingham Forest F.C., is 18th in the League Table. 
  • Our Trent Bridge Cricket Grounds are home to Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
  • We have a rugby team - Nottingham Rugby F.C.