Study and Work in New Zealand: getting easier

Is New Zealand your dream destination to study? So, you have to know that its government has just signed measures to turn international student’s life easier and valuable.

From 2014 onwards, graduation and language students will be able to study and work at the same time, rather than just on holidays, enjoying facilities to conciliate both tasks. Master and PhD by research students will also see their labour rights improved in order to work full time.

It'll be easier to ask for a student visa but more difficult to study at lower-quality institutions. That's right, the government will ensure that you, as an international student, enrol at the best New Zealand schools, accessing privileged education and providing you all support you need in the visa process.

All this means that students will practice and improve skills at their workplaces and gain work experience while making extra money to help with living costs. Of course, this will be a progress and an advantage against other students facing career opportunities.

The changes were announced earlier this month by the New Zealand Minister of Higher Education, Steven Joyce, who emphasized international student’s high value for a lot of competitive countries and economies around the world.

To start, 25 institutions will be working on partnership with New Zealand’s Government, to ensure faster visa process development and prioritize students who have shown financial ability to study in the country. Each year, new institutions will be included, carefully chosen according to education quality levels.

Any questions? Access, an official page designed to elucidate foreign students and employers about this measures, its rights and responsabilities.



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