Study in Brisbane, Australia's new world connection

Students from all over the world, including Latin America, are flocking to Brisbane, Australia’s new world city.

In 2013, Brisbane welcomed students from countries such as China, India, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Korea, USA, Taiwan and Canada.

They are among more than 75,000 international student enrolments in Brisbane at the city’s universities, state and private high schools, private colleges, TAFEs and English language schools.

As well as a world-class education, students are attracted to Brisbane’s multicultural population mix, strong economy, affordability, lifestyle, beautiful weather, efficient transport system, safe environment and friendly locals.

“International students contribute so much to Brisbane and not just on an economic level. They help create a cosmopolitan, vibrant city and strengthen our network with cities around the globe, creating lifelong relationships,” said Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

Study Brisbane

Most of Brisbane’s education institutions are conveniently near or within busy retail and business hubs, giving students an opportunity to work near their place of study, meet new people and learn new skills.

Australia's seamless education and training framework means students can access a range of education options, and move easily between levels of study and institutions.

Students can also tap into a wealth of post-graduate career opportunities. Many Brisbane companies offer internship and graduate programs which embrace cross-cultural skills.

Students from Latin America also enjoy regular cultural celebrations in Brisbane. In July, for example, thousands of people participated in the city’s colourful Latin festivities of Colombian Independence Day.

Brisbane City Council’s economic development board Brisbane Marketing runs the Study Brisbane program which is dedicated to supporting current and future international students.

Other Study Brisbane initiatives include the Brisbane Welcomes International Students Festival, regular friendship ceremonies with the Lord Mayor and the Brisbane International Student Ambassador program.

The 33 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors in 2013 include students from Brazil, Peru, Colombia and El Salvador.

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