Study in France will be easier for international students: check out the measures making student visa process easier for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD program applicants. Americans and Indians among the favourites – stay tuned!

“Talent Visa" is a new student visa that is going to be created and designed by the French government, to ensure four year stays in the country for up to ten thousand foreigners, either to study in French universities or to work as researchers and highly skilled workers.

Last year, the student visa process was simplified, redoubling efforts to attract more international students to join masters and doctoral courses in France. In the New Year, French President François Hollande announced its intent to extend those changes for those aiming to graduate in France.

What does this mean? If you are studying in France, there is no longer a need to renew your student visa every three or six months, as these visas will be replaced by residence permits lasting the same journey as your study program.


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The main goal is to raise more rights and improve working conditions for international students, making it easier and more pleasant for them to remain in France after finishing their courses. Students from the United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India and Indonesia are preferred.

Like Canada and the European Union, since the beginning of 2014 the French government has publicly expressed its urgent need to increase the number of overseas students on its educational institutions and how important it is for the country’s economy. 12.3% of the French students are international - 280,000 people in 2012. By 2020, the country's Ministry of Education expects this percentage increased to 15%, and to 20% in 2025.