Internship abroad program: 3 months, 3 different destinies

"Global Intern" competition will take you for a three-month internship abroad to different Education First (EF) language company offices and other sites around the world. Join the contest, submitting a creative video with your resume by April 11 and start an international internship while traveling.

EF is a leading language education company and, for the 5th consecutive year, is giving students the opportunity to build a successful and international career in three different environments.

The first month of the internship will take place at EF’s headquarters in Zurich, Boston, Shanghai or London.

In the following month, you can choose between one of  the 460 EF offices and schools around the world: as the promoters say, “choose from the hustle and bustle of our Paris office to the more laid back approach at our beachfront school in Costa Rica. Decisions, decisions”.

The third and last month will be dedicated to a volunteer experience, in partnership with AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organisation. Indonesia, Kenya, Peru and Sri Lanka are some of the possible destinations where you’ll have the opportunity to work in Environment, Education, Health, Human Rights or Culture projects.

Besides the final winner, one student per country will also be invited to spend a month abroad with AIESEC or EF.

How to participate?

Visit Global Intern 2014 website and, until April 11, send your resume with an original video showing why you are the right person to perform this experience.

Judges from EF and AIESEC will analyse your video’s creativity and, along with the number of votes you get on it and your profile, each country finalist will be chosen by the end of the month.

The next step is an interview with the students selected and, by May, the "Global Intern" of 2014 is announced.