Valencia College: Why a community college is the best option to start university in Florida!

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Asia Office Representative, Vietnam
Robert Welch
Manager, International Agent Development
Uyen Le
Current Student - Business Major 2nd Year

About the Webinar

College Synopsis

From our very start, Valencia College has been preparing our students to develop the vision and knowledge needed for a better future. Opening our doors in 1967, we were created in the middle of the Space race and as Walt Disney was dreaming up the world renowned Disney World. In Orlando, Florida, Valencia College has grown to having 8 campus around the city, more than 60,000 students, and is recognized as one of the best colleges in the nation.

• Inaugural winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence• Winner of the SIEMENS STEM Award for its innovative science and engineering curriculum
• Ranked 4th in the USA for Associates Degrees
• In the top 10 for international students studying at community colleges in the USA
• Respected programs in film production/entertainment arts, science, and business
• One of the top Hospitality degree programs, partnering with local industry leaders such as Disney, Universal Studios, and others
• Students automatically receive conditional acceptance to the University of Central Florida; 2nd largest University in the USA, top school for hospitality, engineering, computer science, video game development
• A large international student support department that has one-stop support centers for international students

Valencia College provides unique advantages for International students, providing programs that are competitive compared even to many 4-year universities with small class sizes where students can get more individual attention at the half the price. We have more than 100+ programs with standout facilities and professors with in-depth industry connections and knowledge in degrees in film production/entertainment arts, biomedical science, hospitality, and computer science that offer tremendous opportunity.

Webinar Summary 
The presentation will be broken into 3 segments each explaining why Community College and specifically Valencia College is the be choice for students.
The first segment will provide a better understanding of what a community college is and what make Valencia College different. Common benefits of CCs will be explained such as lower costs, smaller classes, easier application and entry, and exact same college credits. This segment will be presented by Robert Welch.

The second segment will be about how Valencia offers more support for international students from application through graduation. We can do this because of extensive International Service Staffs and Clubs, our international student clubs, and our unique relationship with the University of Central Florida. This segment will be presented by Thanh Bui.

The final segment will be the student sharing their personal experience on how Valencia College helped them to succeed and one or two tips for the students.

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