Australia, Canada, U.S. and UK are the most famous exchange program destinations, but have you thought about studying English in another country? There are several places where you can become a true expert on this language. 

Okay: study English in London, New York, Toronto or Sydney will always be a very enriching learning experience. Wherever you study in a greater city or in a smaller one, of course that, these four countries mentioned above, will ensure you an English-native learning and training level. We call it “playing safe”.

But remember that English is also an official language in other locations and is spoken by about 335 million people in the world, spread over 101 countries around the globe.  Here we show you only 7, where you’ll surely enjoy learning the language far from a banal environment.

If you are one of those who like to check out all the alternatives and venturing different sites, then this article is for you.

From the most famous - the United States – to the most unexpected - Cyprus -, it’s going to be a difficult choice, but it’s only yours: see what each destination has to offer and start training the accents!


1.       Iceland

Icelandic, the official language, is quite different from English, but there’s no reason for worries: the majority of the population speaks English. The learning is mandatory since early school years and, therefore, many speak such a perfect English that you won’t even notice you’re practicing the language with a non-native. In this European, north Atlantic place, you’ll find famous glaciers, volcanoes and other natural phenomena which may dazzle even those who are not interested in science or geology. When you need to relax, let the English book at home and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon’s naturally warm waters.

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2.       New Zealand

Another country full of natural landscapes and multiculturalism, providing a truly unique exchange experience to any English student. The official language in these Pacific islands from Oceania is English, although there’s a small part of the population speaking Maori. By the way, the Maori tribes are one of the country’s attractions, as well as rugby and other sports activities, temperate climate and super developed cities, alongside magnificent natural landscapes. In case you decide to learn English in New Zealand, you’ll have numerous opportunities to practice the language by living with this friendly and responsive people.

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3.       Ireland

UK's neighbour, part of the population speaks Irish and Celtic, but don’t worry: English is the official language and is everywhere. Therefore, it’s an increasingly popular destination to learn English, not only due to the proximity and accessibility to travel to other European countries, but also for its cultural activities and nightlife which most of the Irish cities offer. This is a great destination for those who want to study English in Europe, as it is more affordable than other countries in the continent.

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4.       Malta

Want to study English in Europe but escape the colder climates from the north? So, Malta is the right destination for you. This small, historic Mediterranean island, a former British colony, has two official languages​​: English and Maltese. However, apart from Maltese and English, you can also find Italians, Spaniards and Arabs living in Malta, with whom you’ll be able to absorb some of each culture and travelling easily between Europe and North Africa. With amazing beaches and a very long summer, you’ll feel like enjoying holidays while studying English.

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5.       South Africa

This country has 11 official languages​​, but do not panic: English is one of them and is widely spoken by the majority of the population and it’s everywhere. With a stable economy and democracy, in this former British colony, located on the southern tip of Africa, you will have the chance to venture studying English in a different continent, benefiting from a modern, dynamic and multicultural lifestyle. After all, where else would you be able to practice your English both at a Rugby match and, the next day, in a Safari through the middle of the African savannah?

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6.       Sweden

You won’t find it hard to use English daily in this country in the northern Europe. The official language is Swedish, but English is fluently spoken among the majority of swedes. Got questions? Recently, Sweden was considered the country with the world's best English proficiency as a second language, besides having one of the most reputed educational systems worldwide. Here, you’ll have the chance to do a bit of everything: visit museums, try typically Nordic and also modern cuisine, enjoy the cosmopolitan cities' flair, relax at the Ice Hotel in Lapland, and of course, see the northern lights and the midnight sun.

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7.       Cyprus

This is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea and, as you’re already wondering, it has beautiful beaches and the warmest weather in Europe. Greek an Turquish are the official languages, but English is widely used and spoken by most of cypriots, since the territory was part of the British Empire. And you know what? Like in the UK, the cars are driven by the left side of the road and the accent is quite British. Furthermore, Cyprus has a great historical influence from Ancient Greece, so you can expect to acquire a good cultural baggage by visiting temples and cathedrals with thousands of years during your study trip.

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