Be Part of a Unique Arts Degree from the Netherlands

Fontys Arts’ Master in Performing Public Space is a chance for creatives to develop as part of a larger international network.

Art is in part defined by a constant breaking of boundaries, of always challenging the status quo and adapting. An international Master’s degree, Performing Public Space (PPS), offered by Fontys Arts, a Dutch art school, is designed for international creatives from a variety of art disciplines that focus on public space as an artistic environment.

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Who is the Master’s in Performing Public Space For?

If you are a creative with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts or graphic design, you are welcome to join this program. 

This program is for those with good critical thinking and for those wanting to develop their artistic sensibility in the realm of public space. Applicants have to be comfortable working independently but capable of receiving constructive criticism and sharing their opinion with others. 

“In the scope of creating, rethinking and deconstructing the category of Public Space, PPS comes as an innovative creative curriculum that offers students a chance to explore their artistic disciplines and critical thinking.” David Limaverde, Art educator, participatory performance artist, and researcher

As Performing Public Space is so accepting of creatives with diverse backgrounds, successful applicants can both build and be a part of a larger international learning environment made up of like-minded and ambitious people, which is essential for personal development and for a future career in the arts.

What Form Does PPS Take?

The Master Performing Public Space is a blended-learning program, both online and on-campus and is breaking new ground in investigating public space as a backdrop for artistic expression and intervention. 

“Artists have the opportunity to engage new audiences to review and reimagine their shared public space.” Heleen de Hoon, Director of Master Performing Public Space

The theme of Art in the Public Space is a unique one and the program’s particular Blended Learning format, in which applicants, if they wish, can stay in a familiar environment in their home country to work on the projects with occasional intensive Bootcamps based in the Netherlands, means that students of the degree program get a lot of freedom in deciding the form of the degree and how it works.

There are three Bootcamps each year, which are located on-site in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and each last for two weeks, totalling six weeks per year. During the Bootcamps, students are exposed to a variety of working methods and provide necessary hands-on experience in developing one’s work in the Public Space. The Bootcamps are also an opportunity to get direct advice from Fontys Arts’ experienced teachers, coaches, distinguished visiting artists and partner organisations. 

Indeed, each student creates their own research project within the program - guided by Fontys coaches and with input from peer artists and an extensive international network of artists, researchers and organizations specialized in the field of art in public space.

Who Are Fontys?

Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts is a part of Fontys University, a Dutch university. The Fontys Arts program is located in Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands, not far from Eindhoven and a short distance from Belgium.

The state-of-the-art campus in the city centre of Tilburg will be your basecamp during your time in the Netherlands. It is located in a wonderful assemblage of historic and new buildings surrounding a former monastery garden.


Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts has an international group of coaches committed to helping students perfect their expression and discover new forms of artistic development. The Teacher Team includes: Paul de Bruyne, Heleen de Hoon, David Limaverde and Danae Theodoridou.

“Bojana Kunst has argued that we live in a time of extreme atomization, where public sphere is disappearing and we experience a radical powerlessness in terms of establishing together the kind of realities in which people’s communities would be articulated.” Danae Theodoridou, Coach, performance maker and researcher


If you are open to questioning your own work processes and have the intention of increasing engagement and impact in public space - join your peers and teachers in exploring boundaries and social territories.

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