Why You Should Study in the Netherlands

Students in the Netherlands receive well-taught and high-quality education programs for a good price. Here we will take a look at one of the country’s best regarded institutions, Radboud University, and how studying in the Netherlands can be enjoyable and improve your prospects too.

So how exactly will studying in the Netherlands benefit you?

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First-Rate Education

Dutch higher education is well thought of the world over, in part since so many international students travel here to study but also because so many, both domestic and international, go on to have excellent careers across the globe. In part this is due to the educational style of having small-scale classes that allow for greater care for your needs as a student, as well as a system that encourages practical problem solving, self-study and discipline.

Radboud in particular has an outstanding record, being in the top 1% of the best universities in the world as noted by the Academic Ranking of World Universities and Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings. Radboud University is in part so well thought of due to its world-class research, which is characterised by integrity and academic freedom. The research at Radboud covers a wide range of disciplines and so provides ample opportunity for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in order to respond to the complex problems of today and tomorrow. This includes work on the famed first image of a black hole, which was worked on, in part, by researchers from Radboud.

Grotius Building

Wide Range of Programmes in English

The Netherlands as a whole has an exceptionally high percentage of English speakers, with around 95% of the Dutch population able to converse in English. This is mirrored in Dutch higher education, which offers the highest number of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. 

Radboud University offers fourteen Bachelor’s programmes, 35 Master’s and over 100 Master’s specialisations fully taught in English. Of course there are many courses taught in Dutch too, and Radboud University offers free Dutch courses for all international students, if you so prefer. 

Excellent Value for Money

Dutch higher education is very highly thought of, but that doesn’t mean that it should be expensive as well. Tuition fees and the cost of living in the Netherlands is relatively low, especially when compared to English-speaking countries. When considering the strength of the education too, a degree from Radboud University becomes great value for money.

Strong International Community

One of the most beneficial things a student can do for themselves and for their future is to develop a strong understanding of international cultures and societies. This breadth of experience is highly valued in social and professional life. As a student in the Netherlands, you will be experiencing those different viewpoints daily, but moreover, the Netherlands as a whole is incredibly well-connected and diverse. 


The location of the Netherlands, so close to France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia and many other European countries makes it the perfect place for connections to grow and develop - many students from across Europe and beyond choose the Netherlands in part for this reason.

Radboud, for example, has a particularly high international student community, with 1 in 9 being international. Just in the first-year, this is 1 in 5. If you are looking to make connections and develop yourself globally, there is no better place to choose.

Fascinating Place to Live

Nijmegen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands with excellent shopping, nightlife, food and history. Almost 20% of Nijmegen’s population are students, so there are plenty of activities and things to enjoy, including cycling trips; Nijmegen is a very bike-friendly city.

If that all seems a bit intimidating though, Radboud University offers a full orientation programme for new students: a fun way to make friends, get to know the city and prepare for your studies. Additionally, the university will assist you in finding accommodation, often one of the more stressful parts of moving, so you can rest easy there.


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