Explore Public Space with Innovative Arts Master Program in the Netherlands

Many art courses talk about innovation, but none have done so much to educate a new generation of artists than Fontys Arts, with their new Master program, Performing Public Space.

The mission of the program is to guide artists that wish to leave behind conventional spaces, that want to re-think and re-discover our shared spaces.

“If we look outside of the traditional infrastructure, we see so many possibilities for art.” 
Karen Neervoort, Dean of Fontys Arts

What responsibilities does the next generation of artists have in our future urbanized communities? The program Performing Public Space is at the forefront of building resilience by educating a new generation of artists. Artists that have recognized the importance and responsibilities of creating art that is not merely presented in public space, but developed and rooted in public space.

A Flexible Course, In So Many Ways

Combining an interdisciplinary range of approaches including critical theory, and other modes of analysis, with an equally diverse range of research methods, the program offers creatives the opportunity to explore the impact of producing work in public space.

So defined is the course’s approach to flexibility and forward-thinking, it is designed for creatives from a variety of art disciplines. Creatives with a background in theatre, dance, circus, music, fine arts, architecture, digital arts and graphic design are all welcome to join this program. In fact, graduates of all art disciplines will be considered for this Masters course.

The full-time blended learning program combines online and on-site learning. This means that while the Performing Public Space Master lasts one year, the majority of your study, if you decide to pursue this course, will occur online, via an online learning platform. While working on individual projects in your home country, you will also have access to the 24/7 online platform for intensive research and creative dialogue with your peers and mentors.

“The combination of individual distant work and intensive group work is functional for this kind of program and offers a big agency to the artists.” 
Danae Theodoridou, Program Coach

In addition, successful applicants will be invited to join on-site intensive ‘Bootcamps’, in the Netherlands, on three occasions per year (two weeks each, for a total of six-weeks).

In order to enrich interaction and to expose you to a variety of working methods, the Bootcamps, held in Tilburg, provide the necessary setting and hands-on approach to investigate, develop and test work in the field – the public space.

An experienced team of teachers, creative leaders, distinguished visiting artists and partner organizations will provide the necessary cross-disciplinary support, knowledge, and guidance throughout the program. The teaching methods are designed to be highly adaptable.

That means that students will be asked to actively engage with the program’s community and co-shape the content of the program to their individual needs.

Join an International Arts Network

This Master focuses strongly on building an international learning environment based on a like-minded and ambitious group of creatives seeking to strengthen their international arts network and to analyze the versatile facets of public space.

An artistic mind will be refined as a consequence of breaking down barriers, and it will also become more developed via interaction with people from other cultures, other backgrounds and other artistic disciplines.

“Having an international network gives artists the possibility to understand and get different perspectives. And this is very important as artists, to have this discussion.” 
Alessandro Carboni, Artist/Researcher

Combining or interacting with other artistic forms is an interesting way to improve one’s understanding of artistic form, and the best artists will typically be those with a wide appreciation. This appreciation naturally comes as a consequence of interacting with like-minded but fundamentally different people, a problem easily solved by art students originating from different cultures, which this Master not only supports, but actively encourages.

Being a part of this course makes you a part of something greater, expanding and contributing to the work field of arts in the public space.

Welcome to the Netherlands

This being a Masters course focused on artistic development in shared public spaces, we would be remiss not to mention the spaces you will occupy as part of this course.

Fontys Arts is an interdisciplinary institute representing different artistic domains by several Bachelor and Master programs: Theatre, Dance, Circus, Music, Fine and Digital Art. The institute houses a total of 15 different art programs under one roof, eight of which are international.

The state-of-the-art campus in the city centre of Tilburg will be your basecamp during your time in the Netherlands. It is located in a wonderful assemblage of historic and new buildings surrounding a former monastery garden.

Are You Right for This Course?

This Master program is looking for good critical thinkers, for investigative artists that are currently developing artistic work in public space. It encourages artists who work independently, but are willing to communicate in dialogue and sharing sessions. Students will be asked to reflect on their individual works in progress, and to co-investigate intervention practices in public space throughout the program.

“I think something that’s really enriching about working as an artist in the public space is the direct contact with the passers-by.” - Vitória Aquino, Graduate 2018

If you are open to questioning your own work processes and have the intention of increasing engagement and impact in public space - join your peers and teachers in exploring boundaries and social territories.


Click to Apply: Application for Master Performing Public Space 2019/2020 is now open!