Never heard about the Viva Mundo Webinars? Learn why they're useful for all students

Before sending a university application to study abroad, it would be perfect for all students if they could meet up with school representatives and make sure they’re taking the best option, wouldn’t it? Now you can do it from the comfort of your house: the Viva Mundo Webinars are ready to kick in! Check out the dates and topics fitted to your goals.

A Webinar can be your best friend and your advisor to study abroad. There are many advantages you can enjoy just by having the opportunity to listen and speak to your school teachers and officers before joining them, but a Webinar makes it even better just because you can do it from home or from your school facilities.

Everything happens just like if you were attending a seminar live, sitting in a conference room: an accredited speaker drives the conversation about a topic that is relevant to you, while the audience listens and interacts with him/her. You’re part of that audience and, whether you’re comfortably sitting on your couch or among your school colleagues, you’re also more than welcome to ask your own questions through the live chat.

How can I participate?

It couldn’t be easier: first, access Viva Mundo Webinars.

Now access the catalogue, which provides you the list of upcoming seminars, and check out each one’s details, selecting the most useful for you, if not all of them are.

Once you’ve made up your mind, click on the chosen webinars to make your registration. Once done, you receive the confirmation on your email straight away, including the link that you need to access on the scheduled day for the webinar. Don’t forget to write down the date and time on your calendar or set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss the webinar!

It is recommendable that you get ready beforehand, assuring that everything on your computer is working properly: it is now your eyes and legs, it can’t let you down! On the day of the seminar, get online and connect to the webinar through the provided link 10 minutes before the starting time, so you can place yourself comfortably, relax and think about the topic a little more. Have your notepad and pen, and maybe a bottle of water, a cup of tea and biscuits around, if you’d like.


Who am I going to be listening to?

Our speakers are experts within international education, looking forward to provide you all the information you need before you start studying abroad. During the session, besides offering an accurate and useful presentation of the course, institution or destination they are representing, these specialists will also give you practical and relevant tips and advice to help you decide if that is the best study option for your professional and personal goals. On their side, they will ensure their microphone is working with perfect quality; on your side, you only need to adjust the volume or your speakers or headphones, and it’s all set for your webinar!


Do I need to pay for it?

Of course not: our webinars are totally free and live broadcasted. You can attend them and interact as much as you want, from any place in the world: just get online! All you need a is computer, an internet connection, speakers and the thirst to study abroad!


How will I get to know about the upcoming webinars?

On the Viva Mundo Webinars page you can find the complete and updated catalogue of webinars taking place within the next few months, with the correspondent scheduled dates and times.

Beware: the time of each seminar is set according to the time zone referred on its page. If you are not located on the same time zone, check the time gap to find out the exact hour the webinar is starting for you.

Each seminar is 45 minutes to one hour long and there are limited places available, so you’d better register as soon as possible!


What if I miss a webinar?

Don’t worry: all the webinar sessions are recorded and shared on the page, so they will be available for you on demand.

Whether you were studying or an important situation came up unexpectedly at the time of your favourite webinar, you can listen to it later on. Whenever you want, as many times you wish: just click ‘play’.

Check out the Viva Mundo Webinars page to learn more about the upcoming seminars and register for free!