Never Stop Daring - Join This Top French Business School

Founded in Nantes, France in 1900, Audencia Business School - from the Latin audientia, meaning ‘to listen’, and audacia, meaning ‘daring’ - is ranked amongst the top European business schools. 

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Academic Prowess

One common way of identifying the strength of a business school is to compare accreditations, or certifications of credibility. Fewer than one percent of business schools across the globe are triple accredited, also known as a Triple Crown. This honour is granted by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation organisations: 

  • AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (United States)
  • AMBA - The Association of MBAs (United Kingdom)
  • EQUIS - EFMD Quality Improvement System (European Union)

Of the more than 13,000 schools offering business degree programs worldwide, only 90 have been awarded with the Triple Crown. Audencia is one of those 90.

Audencia’s slogan, ‘Never stop daring’, highlights its DNA. The school continues to reaffirm the essence of its brand: audacity. This slogan was suggested by Manon Meyer, an Audencia Entrepreneurship student. Faithful to its collaborative approach, the school gave all students and staff members the chance to be part of the brainstorming process via an online platform. This is a school that trusts its students, relies on consistent innovation, cooperation and responsibility, and promotes people from around the world to become business leaders and pioneers.

Nantes, France

The beautiful city of Nantes, France, is home to Audencia’s main campus. Nantes is recognised by countless publications and organisations for innovation and quality of life. Students in particular enjoy life here: almost 20% of Nantes residents are ages 16-25 and study in the city.


Just two hours from Paris by train and a 30-minute drive from the Atlantic coast, Nantes is a thriving modern city with an old-world flair. It is also easy to get from Nantes to London, Brussels and Geneva – amongst other exciting destinations.

Originally developed around the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the region is a popular tourist destination. It draws around two million visitors per year and offers countless sights and attractions. The city is safe, affordable and welcoming to international guests.

Here are just a few highlights in and around Nantes:

  • Explore the Loire Valley region, including parks, legendary castles and cities – a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Visit La Baule, a lovely beach resort, and enjoy the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic coast
  • Appreciate the beauty and taste of some of the most prestigious vineyards of France, and enjoy fine and delicate white wines such as Muscadet
  • Eat, drink and check out new talent at the national centre for contemporary arts, Le Lieu Unique
  • Check out the unreal science fiction festival Les Utopiales

While Audencia is located in France, all of the classes are taught in English. Consequently, Audencia attracts an incredibly diverse and far-reaching student populace. Students at Audencia Business School come from 87 countries to be exact. They are a diverse group of people with a few important things in common: they’re motivated, creative, optimistic and absolutely in love with their campus, community and city.

Audencia also has campuses in Paris and Beijing. Learn about all of the campuses here.

Not Merely a Certificate

As a top business school, Audencia has a wide range of programmes. This includes Bachelor programmes in Management or Business Administration. As a part of these degrees, you will develop real-world international skills to help you launch your business career.

Masters programmes are equally prestigious. They include International ManagementManagement-Engineering, Food and Agribusiness Management and, of course, a Full-Time MBA.

Additionally, Audencia offers an Executive MBA, aimed at business leaders and experienced managers that wish to grow the strategic vision and strengthen the management skills required for an international context. However, this is merely a brief introduction of the extensive academic programmes that Audenica has. Visit Audencia’s website for a more complete list of what they have to offer.

Your reward for studying at Audencia is not just a certificate. Being so highly regarded as an institution, students and graduates can make use of Audencia’s network - they are deeply engaged with the international corporate world, and their partners include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Adidas, Sony and many, many more.

What is more is that the wide range of programmes incorporate internships, consulting projects, company visits, industry expert seminars, career development opportunities, networking events and more. Audencia are ranked consistently highly by the Financial Times for the career results of its graduates.

Being located in Nantes, Audencia is not far from the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, which also houses the Atlantic World Trade Centre. These are excellent places to further your understanding of business and experience too.


Audenica is a first-rate institution that offers so much to its students. This even extends to scholarship opportunities, which can be up to 50%. 

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