Homestay: when living with a US family boosts your English language skills

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From private tutoring classes to cultural tours: living with an American family to learn English in the United States is a trend that never becomes old!

Know how to find the best place to stay with English language natives and check out all the activities you'll enjoy while mastering your language skills.


My International Family (MIF) is a homestay company committed to placing students with qualified host families throughout the USA. Your American host family can provide private English lessons, expose you to their local cultural activities and events, or simply offer you comfortable accommodations while you attend high school or university nearby. A Homestay Coordinator is assigned to each student and is available throughout the application process and duration of the homestay to assist with any questions or needs that arise. MIF tailors each homestay to match the needs of every guest so you can be assured of a great experience!

See what guests are saying about MIF’s homestays!


Homestay Only Program

“I was admitted to University in Michigan to pursue my Masters in Quality Management with an English Language Course as a prerequisite. I found out about MIF from my travel agent who recommended their homestays. It was a perfect complement for my English studies since I was able to practice conversational English with my host family every day. I am happy to have had this opportunity and hope that many other students will know about this company so they can find a great homestay too!”  Abdullah Alajmi, age 28, Saudi Arabia

Image 1 - Having the chance to share typical American homelike moments is one of the advantages of living with a family in the US

Homestay with Private Tutoring Program

“I needed to improve my TOFEL score before I could apply for university in America, so I decided to take private lessons from a certified host family tutor. I was nervous about the homestay experience before I arrived at their home because it was my first time, but as soon as I met them at the airport I felt they were very warm people. We became good friends! I was happy to improve my English abilities during my homestay with one-on-one tutoring that I received from my host mother. I am pleased with my language improvement and it has helped me progress with confidence towards improving my TOFEL exam.” “Wendy” Chang, age 18, Beijing, China


Homestay with Activities Program

“I found MIF when I was looking for a short stay in New York. I always wanted to visit New York City but it is difficult to do so on my own. With the help of my Homestay Coordinator I chose to have [a] 2 week Activities Program in New York City. My host family took me to many famous NY landmarks, beautiful museums, and shopping excursions! I want to visit another US city next year and bring my friends from Spain with me!” Maria Elvira, age 45, Barcelona, Spain

Image 2 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the famous attractions you can visit with your American family

Customized Programs

"We have utilized My International Family to arrange 2 week homestays for the high school class at our school in France for a couple of years now. Every stay has been a great success. The families go out of their way to make the teenagers feel welcome. The staff at MIF is a joy to work with and [are] very professional.” Team Leader, San Francisco

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Source: My International Family (MIF)