Qualify for a Global Career in Sweden at Chalmers University of Technology

Located on the west coast of Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology and its many students, researchers and professors are conducting research and offering education in engineering, science, architecture, naval and industrial design, and technology management, with its global vision - ‘For a sustainable future’.

Chalmers University of Technology is a highly progressive, international university, with over 60 nationalities represented on campus. Among these are three current Chalmers master’s students from Latin America: Arturo (Mexico), Bernard (Brazil) and Rich (Mexico). 

If you would like to speak with Rich, Bernard, Arturo or any other of the Chalmers Buddies (student ambassadors available to contact about their experiences), please visit the Chalmers Buddy page here.

We spoke to these three bright, young gentlemen to see what it was that attracted them to Chalmers, what they found the university to be like, and how they think it will benefit them in the future.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and More

Speaking with each of Arturo, Bernard and Rich, one is struck by their intelligence and earnestness. Chalmers University of Technology frequently ranks highly in university rankings and it is easy to see why, when their students are so honest about themselves and so straight-thinking in discussions about Chalmers and Sweden at large.


Arturo is originally from Mexico City, while Rich is from Puebla; two big cities in Mexico, though despite the hustle and bustle, they grew up with supportive families in a wholesome environment. Arturo studied a full degree of Architecture in Mexico, but decided he wanted to specialize in Project Management. Consequently, he moved to Sweden and is studying for a master’s in Design and Construction Project Management.



Rich studied Logistics Engineering as his bachelor’s, did exchange studies focusing on sustainable development in Uppsala University in Sweden, and is now doing his master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design.

Bernard is originally from Brazil, equally having a very supportive family, growing up in Caxias do Sul, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, before moving at the age of 9 to Florianópolis, state capital of Santa Catarina. Bernard studied Mechanical Engineering during his bachelor’s degree and has now also shifted to the Entrepreneurship and Business Design master programme at Chalmers.

Chalmers offers a wide range of courses including 39 English language based 2-year master's programmes and several MOOCs (taught online).

What Studying in Sweden is Like

Campus life at Chalmers is welcoming, generous and diverse. The location in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, on the beautiful west coast makes for great times, whether you prefer outdoor life or urban pleasures. 

While Bernard, Rich and Arturo were attracted to Chalmers for its master's programmes, that is not always enough motivation to move abroad for a degree. When asked what was especially attractive about Chalmers and Gothenburg, they each had their own preferences.


“A few years ago I made a friend from Gothenburg while doing my Erasmus in Madrid,'' Arturo explained. “In the summer he invited me to come for a few days. I really enjoyed my time here and the size of the city, since it is not as chaotic as my hometown. I also enjoyed its closeness to nature.” All it took was just a few days in Gothenburg for Arturo to realise this was where he wanted to study.

For Bernard, “Sweden's culture and socioeconomic development” as well as the unique features of his chosen program were what attracted him the most. Rich had lived in Sweden during his exchange studies, and he knew what it was like: “high quality of life, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and other things position it as a good option”.

Adapting to a New Culture

For many students that travel abroad, one of the most troubling experiences can be leaving friends and family behind and the struggles in developing new relationships. Luckily, the people of Sweden are kind, caring and welcoming so Arturo, Bernard and Rich found no difficulty making new friends on a safe an open-minded campus environment.

For Arturo, the diverse student population made it a lot easier, while Bernard enjoyed Chalmers's Phadder groups initiative, wherein international students are given a guide, typically another student or alumnus to help ease the transition.

Bernard continued, “Do not fall into the trap of making friends only from your country when you are abroad. It is easier and more comfortable, but in order to adapt to a different country, you need people who are used to facing the problems you will encounter. So, go to the phadder events, be open and communicative because everyone there is trying to make friends, and that makes it that much easier.”

Students walking by Chalmers University of Technology (Campus Lindholmen)

This process of learning a new culture and coming to understand new people is also incredibly valuable for one’s future career. “I have a better perspective and experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds which I consider really important in a global market.” Arturo mentioned.

Academically Respected and Socially Diverse

Academically, Chalmers is highly respected. In 2018, a report from MIT ranked Chalmers as being in the top ten in the world for engineering education. Chalmers has also achieved the highest reputation for Swedish universities by the Kantar Sifo's Reputation Index (for the 7th consecutive year).

The master’s programmes at Chalmers are closely linked to research, which means that graduates are well prepared for complex real-world problems, while their studies are supported by cutting-edge facilities for learning and research.

Each of the interviewees had positive words for the academics at Chalmers too. Arturo described the teachers as “very professional and experienced”, while Bernard thought “the study structure provided by the professors that helps students organize their study time better and keeps the stress levels under control.”
The university’s diversity in particular appealed for Rich, “I've enjoyed working with people from different backgrounds and nationalities that are really driven, they are ambitious, have high performance but at the same time always willing to work in teams. The faculty in the university has also been really helpful.”

Chalmers University of Technology also has a large network within industry which the student body greatly benefits from after graduation.

As for Bernard, Arturo and Rich’s future, that is still to come, though they have no doubt that they are being prepared exceptionally well for their careers. “I believe the one I took was a shortcut for what I really like doing, which is being on the innovative part of the market. If I had stayed in Brazil, I might still reach that, but through more difficult roads”, Bernard pondered.

Rich perhaps summed it up best: “Studying abroad has been one of the best decisions I've made for my career but also for myself as a person. The network you build, everything you learn, the experiences, languages, perspectives, different cultures. It all enriches you.”

If you would like to speak with Rich, Bernard, Arturo or any other of the Chalmers Buddies (student ambassadors available to contact about their experiences), please visit the Chalmers Buddy page here.