Studying Business? This School Is in the Top 1% in the World

Finding an affordable, first-rate business school is a tricky proposition, but if you’ve been looking, then your problems are now solved: BI Norwegian Business School offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate business education (in English) to those looking for an alternative to the typical expensive options on offer.

If you would like to know more about studying in Norway and the programs BI has to offer, please contact them directly via the form at the bottom of this page.

Beautiful, Wealthy and Motivated

There are many great reasons to study in Norway - the natural beauty, the blooming job market, the low unemployment rates and being consistently rated as one of the best places in the world to live. But for business students in particular, Norway is home to many tricks of the trade that make it the #1 country for productivity per worker, which you can learn for yourself first-hand at BI, such as the Scandinavian leadership model, flat hierarchy and equality in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Norway’s beauty is nothing to be sniffed at. Norway is the northernmost European country and includes a wide and impressive variety of natural scenery. From the lowlands in the southeast to the spectacular fjords, mountains and coastline in the west and the north, Norway is continually striking. And if you enjoy hiking and huge outdoor experiences, this is a fantastic place to be.

Nature in Norway

Despite it being the most northern country in Europe, it isn’t as cold as you might imagine. Coastal areas have relatively mild winters with temperatures rarely falling below -4C (24.8F) and besides, Norwegians are experts in everything winter-related, so you will soon pick up how to effectively dress in layers, how to walk on ice, and of course skiing.

Economy-wise, Norway is a world leader in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, shipping, telecommunications, high-tech products and fish farming. If you are planning a career in any of these industries, Norway and BI will provide you with a huge advantage.

Norway is also a safe society; the crime rate is very low. In addition, the unemployment rate is only 3.9 per cent (July 2018), while the government has an open economy plan with many international corporations and extensive foreign trade. Perhaps because of these things, there is a (mistaken) perception that Norway is a very expensive place for students, but Norway is more affordable than many European capital cities and major cities in the US, while maintaining a high education standard.

All Norwegians speak English brilliantly and love practising their language skills with people from other countries. Perhaps they are known for being a little reserved, but Norwegians are always helpful. And they make loyal friends you will keep for a lifetime. 

Why Study at BI?

BI’s curriculum prepares its students for real business challenges that will occur during a future career. Yes, their campuses and communities are incredible and appreciated by students (particularly international students, who are guaranteed housing), but the most important thing, and BI’s real value is in preparing you for the career you want.

BI has a relentless focus on keeping close bonds to the business world as well as investing heavily in research has set them apart as an educational institution for future leaders. In fact, one in four Norwegian business leaders graduated from BI; more than any other school in Norway. This connection also means that the school gets a lot of input on how to make the teaching more relevant: What challenges are businesses facing? What competencies are needed to succeed? Where is the job market headed?

As such, BI is among the 1% of business schools with a "Triple Crown" accreditation, the three largest international accreditations, meaning your degree will be valued all over the world:

  • European Foundation for Management Development (EQUIS) 
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) 
  • Association of MBAs (AMBA) 

When you are applying for positions you will not get far without the right combination of knowledge and skills. You can be a talented applicant with all the skills required, but if your education is not accredited in the country you want to work in, you will never get the job you are applying for. Similarly, BI achieves good results in the most reputable rankings of business schools, Financial Times Ranking and the Economist.

BI’s student communities are supportive and engaging. What you will experience when you start at BI is a good mix of people and an atmosphere where people are curious about you. With more than 20,000 students from 106 different countries, BI is very proud of its diversity. As an international student you will be popular, as Norwegians love practicing their languages.

There are several vibrant student communities and BI encourages all students to use the first weeks to explore them and find something that fits your interests. Establishing a network will not only help you settle in, but also improve your understanding of the Scandinavian way of thinking and the Scandinavian leadership model - steps towards your incredible career in business.

If you would like to know more about studying in Norway and the programs BI has to offer, please contact them directly via the form below.