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    How is it to study an English language course in London?

    For those who want to study an English course in London, the experience of Alejandro, who studied and worked in the UK capital for a year, will help them understand how to live in one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the world.
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    Where to study in the UK

    With your head buried deep inside a textbook, you can be anywhere in the world. So why should it matter where your physical self is? Academically, the UK would look good on any young professional’s CV. There’s no older or more glorious academic nation than the UK. No doubt you have heard of Oxford and its famous Oxonians from Stephen Hawking and Bill Clinton to Hugh Grant and “Mr Bean”. Or, what of its timeless adversary: Cambridge? You could be atop a list that includes Charles Darwin and “Borat”. But, outside of these two famous universities, where else can you study?