Find Out How Applying for UK Universities Is Getting Easier

Are you interested in studying in England? Perhaps you are troubled about the amount of paperwork you might be forced to do. Getting a visa can be quite a complicated process, why isn’t it simpler?

Well if these thoughts have put you off applying then fear not! Things have just gotten a lot more straightforward. Read on if these incoming changes could apply to you.

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are world-renowned educational institutions; this everyone knows. What you may not know is something of great value if you’re considering applying for a Masters course there soon.

The Tier 4 Pilot scheme has been put together by the Home Office to ease the visa application process for potential Masters students at Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of Bath.

The scheme allows applicants to submit far fewer documents for their visa, as well as stay a further six months after their studies. That can be valuable working time or perhaps used as an extended holiday, giving you the opportunity to tour the UK.

Specifically, you will not need to include any financial information or provide evidence of previous academic qualifications when submitting your application for a visa. These processes can often be slowed by bureaucratic difficulties- this plan aims to simplify the procedure, as the Home Office values overseas students a great deal.

The scheme is designed for applicants for the 2016/17 or 2017/18 intakes, though there is hope that the scheme will develop over time and become more accessible via a wider range of institutions and breadth of courses.

Although Tier 4 is only related to a few universities currently, the impending Brexit announcement could potentially mitigate proceedings. UK Universities are worried that the impending break from the European Union could damage the number of university applicants. Measures, therefore, like Tier 4 are expected to increase in number and scope very soon. There really is no better time to apply and study in the United Kingdom.

Although the scheme has been designed with overseas students in mind, those from within the UK are also eligible to apply.

So if you’re considering a Master’s degree or wish to extend your stay in the UK by six months, make sure you take advantage of the Tier 4 Pilot Scheme.

For more information about your eligibility, check out the UK’s Government site available here: