Discover the USA Program and Achieve the American Dream!

The USA Program is a free service designed to help you achieve the dream of studying in the United States, developed by USA, United Students Association, Inc. We here at Viva Mundo spoke with the Executive Director of USA, United Students Association (USA Program), Moacir Rodrigues, to find out more.

Originally from Brazil and a soccer enthusiast (played club in Brazil under 18), Mr. Rodrigues has found personal success in achieving the American Dream of living in the U.S. and establishing a business that helps international students.

With the USA Program, you too can achieve the American Dream.

The History of the USA Program

“I first began working in the field of international education in 1990. My personal intercultural experiences equipped me with a unique perspective and understanding that I was able to share with international students to help them through the process of cultural adaptation and educational success.”

USA Program Executive Director, Moacir Rodrigues

The USA Program was established in 1995 to facilitate qualified international students to live and study in the U.S. at the high school and/or university levels. Thousands of international students have fulfilled their educational goals in the U.S. with the USA Program.

With over a quarter of a century serving thousands of international students, the USA Program has established a strong foundation and gained vast experience, expertise, and proficiency in providing excellent services to international students.

Today, they provide several services to international students including help with Private High Schools (secondary level), Intensive English Programs-IEP (all ages) and Post-Secondary level. In addition to Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Degrees, Certificate Programs, Vocation & Specialty Schools, and internships.

There is a huge selection of programs, schools, universities, majors and locations that the USA Program can guide and assist you in understanding, and help you narrow your choices to develop an “Educational Road Map”.

Mr Rodrigues and his family visiting Washington DC

The U.S. education system is considered to be among the best in the world. In the past 10 years, the desire for international students to study in the U.S. has doubled. Today, according to a recent Open-Door report on International Educational Exchange, there are around 1,094,000 international students in the U.S.

What sets the USA Program apart is that they make the recruitment process easy (streamlined), accessible (direct contact), and convenient (free service) for all international students, serve students with care, professionalism and integrity, and the student’s satisfaction is the primary goal. 

The USA Program offers a free search and recommendation service for all of its programs. They work for and represent over 400 schools and universities. Because of their strong partnerships, the USA Program is able to pass these benefits directly to international students. 

Does the USA Program charge a service fee?

The USA Program believes that every international student deserves an opportunity to better their education and have a successful journey in the United States of America. The USA Program doesn’t charge any program service fee to its international students. 

This is because the USA Program works for and represents its U.S. partner universities which pay them solely on the recruitment of international students. The USA Program’s compensation is not based on the amount that the international students pay for their university expenses, but rather  based on the number of qualified international students that they assist and place. Therefore, the USA Program offers all international students the best tuition and scholarships available for which you qualify. 

Post-secondary international students do not have any expenses in applying for acceptance to the best U.S. universities of your choice. If you are accepted, the international student will pay all university expenses (deposit, tuition, housing, meals, insurance, etc.) directly to the university’s bank account.

Los Angeles, California

How does the USA Program work?

USA Program’s innovative placement method simplifies the process into three easy steps - Choose, Apply, & Pack.

1. Choose: The student can choose their Preferred Location, Budget, & Educational Goals:

Location - The international student can choose a U.S. region, state, or city.
Budget - The international student can choose their annual budget, keeping in mind school/university expenses (tuition, books, etc.) and living expenses (room & board, etc.). 
Educational Goals - The international student chooses his/her educational goal by selecting the degree level (undergraduate, graduate or PhD) and the desired field of study (architecture, medical, computer, nursing, engineering, etc.).

Once the international student has chosen their preferences, the USA Program will recommend three to five schools/universities for the student. 

 2. Apply: After receiving the USA Program Application form and any further documentation (passport copy, transcript of grades, English test) necessary, the USA Program Director will evaluate the international student’s desires and begin the application process. 

The USA Program then applies on the behalf of the international student. 

Once the student has been accepted, the school will send an acceptance/admission letter and I-20 form (for the F-1 international student visa) to the international student’s home address. 

3. Pack: USA Program will assist the international student throughout the entire visa application/ interview process, including guidance on the SEVIS payment and preparation of the form I-901 and DS-160. 

Times Square, New York

The USA Program, along with the school/university, will provide the international student with an orientation and mock visa interview that will help prepare the international student for the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. 

After F-1 visa approval, the international student will purchase a round-trip airline ticket and pay the school tuition/fees directly to the school’s bank account.

Then, the international student will pack their bags and travel to the United States of America. The USA Program provides a pick-up service from the airport and an arrival orientation. 

Additionally, the USA Program’s international students have an incredible opportunity to work while studying in the United States of America. Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) is for graduate students and Optional Practical Training (OPT) is available to undergraduate and graduate students on the F-1 visa.

International students seeking STEM-certified degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can benefit from a two-year OPT extension (totaling three years of paid work) which provides an opportunity to build career experience and earnings potential. 

Let the journey begin!


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