Study Online in Preparation for a Move to the United States

With Everett Community College, you can study at home and save money before arriving in Washington.

By studying Everett Community College’s curriculum online at home for the fall quarter, you will be achieving a quality US education while saving money and becoming prepared for life in the United States.

In this way, you can save up to $4,000 over three months.

Then once the United States begins to reopen for international students, Everett Community College will prepare you for your stay in the US with a program of interesting activities.

And of course, Everett remains fully supportive of students who are studying remotely, both in terms of academics and with regards to immigration.

If you are interested in studying in the United States, please fill in your details below.

Save Money

One major concern for many international students that wish to study in the United States is the cost. However, it is a shrewd decision to take advantage of this current moment in time and begin studying a highly regarded course while saving some money too.

Everett Community College is well known for its aviation courses
Everett Community College is well known for its aviation courses

Beyond the up to $4,000 saved by taking a quarter year at Everett remotely, attending a community college in the United States can be a great way to save money before transferring to university. Based on the average costs of tuition and living expenses, making this choice can save you up to $100,000 US dollars, as follows:

  • 2 years of Community College + 2 years of public university $133,286 
  • 2 years of Community College + 2 years of private university $163,880 
  • 4 years of public university $182,480 
  • 4 years of private university $243,668 

As well as being more affordable, community college is a more welcoming environment than a university, in which expectations are immediately very high which can lead to stress and a more difficult acclimation period.

Academic Pathways

Despite having one of the largest tutoring centers in Washington State, Everett Community College still remains proud of how personal the teaching can be, since class sizes remain small (around 15-25 on average). This allows for a much better experience in the classroom, and makes it far easier to get to know your classmates and teachers.

"The reason why I chose EvCC was because of its well-known aviation program. By having the aviation campus (aka Paine Field) and also Boeing Field near there so we can really tell it is the school’s pride."  Huy Ho, Vietnam

Huy Ho
Huy Ho

Everett Community College’s Pathways are groups of related degrees and certificates that students choose from. As part of each pathway, students work with academic advisors to craft a career path which will help you succeed. The pathways are as follows:

Whereas studying at a university requires you to essentially have a career plan mostly in place, starting at a community college allows you to develop a career path before moving to university (if that’s what you choose to do).

A Welcoming Environment

"...after visiting Everett's campus I had no doubt. The atmosphere at Everett is just different. All the interactions I had on my first day with both students and staff were just special. At Everett people will care for you and respect you despite where you come from, how old are you, what you identify as, what religion you follow or not follow and I wanted to be part of this." Paulo Mendez, Brazil

Paulo Mendez
Paulo Mendez

Aside from the affordable price, Everett’s staff is friendly, welcoming, and supports its students in any way they can. The staff in the international office, in particular, has tonnes of experience working and studying abroad, and know just what is required to make a study abroad trip a happy and successful one.

Campus culture as a whole is safe and welcoming, as well as immensely supportive and passionate about helping every student be the best they can possibly be.

Moreover, Everett Community College has special scholarship programs and on-campus employment opportunities for international students too.

How to Apply

It’s important to mention that the application process is so much easier if you are studying from home (no bank statements needed!).

But if you would like to know more about Everett Community College and whether it is right for you, please fill in your details below.