Study abroad in Chile: what's so special about it?

From the snowy peaks of the Andes to the vast Atacama Desert and the ancient glaciers of Patagonia, Chile offers a complete experience to travel, discover and study.

Chile is a narrow but long country, with a population of 16.6 million people. Every year, more and more students are attracted to Chile, whether to do their exchange program or to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course, taking the opportunity to explore its unique geographical diversity.

You can choose the city of your study program according to your interests and goals; if you’re looking for a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a vast cultural offer and near ski resorts, Santiago is a good alternative. If you’re seeking a more relaxed, bohemian, artistic atmosphere, next to the sea, Valparaiso has a great educational offer, having already been considered by the BBC as one of the five greatest university cities in the world. Northern cities such as Copiapo and Antofagasta are the best option if you want to explore the desert and be amazed by astronomical centers. On the other hand, the South is perfect for anyone who wants to lose itself into the lush tropical forests and National Reserves.

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In the lastest years, Chile has increased its cultural offer by raising new cultural centers and music and theatre festivals, becoming intersting attractions to the country visitors. Sports, such as sky, surf and trekking, are also highly appreciated by international students, who run our forests, montains and beaches.

Many heritage buildings are still standing and have been maintained since the colonial period, especially in Santiago and Valparaiso. In the South, you will find Mapuche communities and immerse yourself into this indigenous culture, which has been kept alive through traditional rituals, crafts and cuisine.

Chile is also one of the most stable democracies across the globe, and the most innovative and competitive country in Latin America, according to the World Bank, so you’ll be safe studying and traveling in Chile.

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"What I most liked about Chile was its incredible landscapes, completely different to anything I’ve seen before" says Manuella Brito, brazilian, who studied in Santiago.

"People are so friendly and lovely that it made ​​me feel like home," remembers Karolyne Diniz, another Brazilian student, who did her exchange program in Concepción. You can access these experiences in full, and from many other students at LearnChile website.

Visit also their Facebook page to learn more about the country and its higher education institutions, with many study programs for you.

Chile is your best choice to live a complete study and travel experience.

Don’t hesitate!