“We are TROY Trojans, One and All”

Founded in 1887, Troy University, Alabama’s International University, boasts a beautiful campus and supports its students from all around the globe to the fullest.

Friendly classmates, helpful professors, top-notch academic programs, a beautiful campus set in a warm climate—Troy University’s Troy Campus has it all! With TROY campuses located in the Southeast United States and online, this University’s broad reach has helped prepare more than 158,000 alumni worldwide for successful and fulfilling careers.

Troy University is a fabulously large and detailed institution, with much to explore and understand. To get in contact with them directly, please fill in the form below.

Peaceful, Beautiful Campus Setting

Within the city of Troy, Alabama, sits the University’s Troy Campus. Featuring lush and green lawns, relaxing parks and a mixture of modern and historic buildings, the campus provides students with countless opportunities for sport and recreation while also servicing the needs for all those hard at work at their studies. Ranked as one of the safest campuses in the state of Alabama, students from countries around the world have found a warm and comfortable home in Troy. Here, you will find a diverse college experience while enjoying the city’s warm, pleasant climate and proximity to Florida’s white, sandy beaches. 

You will have opportunities to join more than 200 clubs and philanthropic groups, cheer for Division I athletics teams, be involved in honors programs and more. The campus also offers a wide variety of residence halls, including apartment-style units. The surrounding city of Troy, Alabama, is a friendly Southern city with a charming town square featuring unique boutiques and tasty restaurant options.

Troy University's Campus

One of TROY’s most serene locations, the University's Sorrell Chapel, is tucked away among cedars and oaks. Another well-known feature of the campus is Janice Hawkins Cultural Arts Park, which includes an amphitheatre, walking trails, a lagoon and an International Arts Center and several outdoor art installations featuring the Violata Pax Dove by Fred “Nall “ Hollis and 200 replica Chinese terracotta warrior statues. As one of TROY’s most recent additions, this park is a celebration of many cultures and is a restful studying space that allows students to enjoy the natural beauty of the Troy Campus.

Are you interested in fitness? You will find many recreational activities available on campus. TROY’s Natatorium houses an eight-lane, 25-yard Olympic-style pool, and the University’s intramural fields allow students to enjoy team sports such as soccer, flag football and Future TROY students will also have access to the University’s newest project — the Trojan Fitness Center, which is currently under construction. This center will house a multi-activity court, a basketball court, a free-weight training area, a circuit weight training area, special aerobic rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and a multi-level walking track. And if you are more of a sports fan than an athlete, TROY provides you ample opportunities to cheer on your TROY Trojans through their Division I sporting events throughout the year.

Benefits for International Students

With more than 225 undergraduate and graduate programs offered, TROY provides a wide variety of degree programs to international students so you and your fellow students from around the globe can pursue your interests, work toward your dream career and learn more about yourself during your higher education experience in the United States.  

It’s true TROY is one of the most international universities in the Southeast United States with more than 70 countries represented on the Troy Campus. Every year, students from around the globe make the Troy Campus their home away from home earning TROY the title of “Alabama’s International University.” Within this community, East meets West, and ideas, cultures and learning are shared by students and faculty alike. Whether celebrating heritage and history at international events held on campus or embracing new friendships, TROY gives students the freedom to develop critical thinking skills while preparing to pursue the life they have always wanted.

Band at Troy University Football Game

Studying abroad provides students with experiences that increase knowledge, advance critical thinking, tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity. Through new and exciting experiences in other countries, students gain awareness, competency and the ability to better compete in the worldwide job market. At TROY, these opportunities are available to students from every country and help prepare young graduates and professionals to aptly function in multicultural settings and within the constantly changing environments of a globalized society.

As a TROY graduate, you will return home with a valuable degree that can help unlock new and exciting opportunities for you. You’ll also leave TROY with lasting memories, a more cosmopolitan understanding of your surroundings and your own belief systems, as well as an improved capacity to function in multicultural settings.

Scholarship Opportunities

Troy University is committed to providing students the opportunity to achieve their higher education dreams via a robust scholarship program that encourages international students to attend Alabama’s International University through a variety of scholarship opportunities. 

These include the following:

International Recruiting Scholarship
This is a scholarship for new undergraduate students who have enrolled at TROY full-time through a third-party agency (minimum of 12 hours per semester). This scholarship is for one-year only (two semesters) and will waive up to 40% of the total tuition. This scholarship will provide the student between $6,000 and $8,000 annually (two semesters).

International Education Scholarship
A scholarship for new undergraduate students who have elevated academic achievement and will be enrolled full-time in academic courses (minimum of 12 hours per semester). This scholarship will provide the student between $7,500 and $10,000 annually (two semesters).

International Honors Scholarship
Recognizes undergraduate students who have performed well in their first two semesters at Troy University by maintaining at least a 3.0 Cumulative Institutional GPA. This scholarship will provide the student between $7,500 and $10,000 annually (two semesters).

Scholarships are available for applicants to Troy University - create a Profile to see further details.


Troy University is a fabulously large and detailed institution, with much to explore and understand. To get in contact with them directly, please fill in the form below.